Courting the King

Pretty lucky to be one of 30 artist ESPN picked to create faux billboards to recruit Labron to your home team. Check out the article here

Umphrey's Mcgee 2018 Tour Shirt


Had a chance to work with the very talented folks at SELECT up in Vermont. They asked me to illustrate a T shirt graphic for The Umphrey's Mcgee 2018 Tour inspired by classic pinball machine art. I was asked to incorporate some the the cities that will be on the tour as well. Snag one up here.

Rockford Peaches

I created graphic for the Rockford Peaches for a project. This character was to fierce not to share.

G.I. Joe

Another one from the vaults. I did up this licensing graphic for G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra. This was done while working at Pilot

Kids Room

Another gem from the vaults. Painted up a jungle themed kids room for a project that never saw the light of day.  

Michael Myers

Some licensing art i did up for the Halloween Michael Myers series. The college piece took a good amount of time to make and unfortunately never saw the light of day. Another gets thrown in the vaults! (Law and Order door close sound)


Another poster for a fun in-house Pilot IP project called Hrosan, a story of a boy and his monster fighting robot. We created a series inspired by old japanese monster movie posters.  


I got to work on a fun in-house project, helping to develop an IP called Hrosan. Its a story of a boy and his monster fighting robot. We created a poster series inspired by old japanese monster movie posters.  Find out more about the story here

Matisse Inspired

This Matisse inspired pattern unfortunately never got used.

Astral Orcs


I recently got inspired by 80s arcade cabnet art and decided to create my own version of a space race game i call Astral Orcs.

Gone Fishing


A year ago, i was asked by good friend and epic illustrator Leo Espinosa to take part in a art show featuring some Boundless Brooklyn water towers. I was send a blank paper waterpower and i decided to paint up a fun lil big guy who love to fish. 

Water Ripple at Night


A background that never got used but really like how it feels. 


    Laser Ray

    Untitled-1_0000_Layer 6.jpg
    Untitled-1_0001_Layer 2.jpg
    Untitled-1_0002_Layer 3.jpg
    Untitled-1_0003_Layer 4.jpg

    My friend Matt just opened a laser cutting and engraving company called Laser Rays. Ray is his dog and he asked me if i can ideate some sketches capturing Ray and incorporate him in logo. He really liked how the sketch looked and didn't even want to clean it up. He kept the final logo nice and "ruff"

    Birthday Pennant

    One of my good friends asked me to design a poster for his twins fifth birthday party. His one content request was to include a dragon and unicorn. No problemo. 

    Sci Fi Sketches


    I took pocket sketchbook and filled up all the pages with thumbnails. I really like the 50/50 ratio of negative positive in each piece. Great exercise to build effective compositions.