A couple of my favorite pieces from an 80s themed series of invites, Erik Weikert and I created for CNN’s SXSW parties.



Erik Weikert and I are starting a project where we design a bunch of beers. The Project is called Fiftytwo Beers. This is our first : The Wave Ripa, and tip of the hat to the 80s thrill seeker. Stay tuned, lots more to come.

Tire Boy


I had a chance to work with the good people from HUGE to help with a concept pitch for Bell Tire. I was asked to illustrate the famous Belle Tire Tire Man as a young and charming Tire Boy as the new face of the brand. Unfortunately this concept was not chosen by the client, but i was really happy with how this turned out.

Lord Hobo : Meat & Potatos


I had a blast creating some chunky type for (Boston based) Lord Hobo’s new dinner stout called Meat & Potatoes. My good friend Ben Whitla is the art directed the design and I was really happy with how the end product turned out. Now if i can get someone to send me a case or five to Texas. Cheers!



I created a one off, tee graphic for the band MOE for there “Night at the Arcade” show in Philly. The show was held at an old arcade and Moe went all out. The good folks at SELECT asked me to do something with a moth and i went right to being inspired by old arcade cabnet art. I also was able to pull the “Moe.” type out so it can be worked into any other merch options. The “kirby krackle” was key!

2018 Ween Tour Shirt


Another one for the good folks at SELECT up in Vermont. This time it was for the band WEEN. I was asked to take lyrics from one of the songs “Mushroom Festival In Hell” and incorporate it into the design of the tee. I had a lot of fun with this one, and really happy how it turned out.

2018 Phish Tour Shirt


The great folks at SELECT reached out to me to work on another fun project. I was asked to illustrate a T-shirt graphic for The Phish 2018 Tour incorporating Godzilla in a B movie style render. Don’t temp me with a good time. My favorite part of the whole process is always the first sketch idea presentation, this one was one of my favs. Pic one up at the official Phish Dry Goods site.

Gold Crayon


My good friend Steve Stetson of the band Gold Crayon asked me to create a mark for there latest album.

Another Weekly Type Jam


This was one of the last 15 min Monday morning type jam that we did, and probably one of my favorites.

Botánica Music Festival


I had the pleasure to team up with the uber talented Erik Weikert to brand Botánica Music Festival held in San Antonio. The goal was to celebrate local flavors and draw international acts to the second largest city in Texas. We created a vibrant and youthful branding that gave the first time festival and attendance of over 12,000.

Courting the King

Pretty lucky to be one of 30 artist ESPN picked to create faux billboards to recruit Labron to your home team. Check out the article here

Umphrey's Mcgee 2018 Tour Shirt


Had a chance to work with the very talented folks at SELECT up in Vermont. They asked me to illustrate a T shirt graphic for The Umphrey's Mcgee 2018 Tour inspired by classic pinball machine art. I was asked to incorporate some the the cities that will be on the tour as well. Snag one up here.

Rockford Peaches

I created graphic for the Rockford Peaches for a project. This character was to fierce not to share.

G.I. Joe

Another one from the vaults. I did up this licensing graphic for G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra. This was done while working at Pilot

Kids Room

Another gem from the vaults. Painted up a jungle themed kids room for a project that never saw the light of day.  

Michael Myers

Some licensing art i did up for the Halloween Michael Myers series. The college piece took a good amount of time to make and unfortunately never saw the light of day. Another gets thrown in the vaults! (Law and Order door close sound)