Hot Wheels Sketch

There are so many rejected sketches in my vaults that i forgot about. This one holds a lot of good energy. Thought i would share. 

Paper Toy

I made this paper toy for a show in Minneapolis back in 2009. Still one of my favorites. 


Had a lot of fun with this one. Its always hard to keep the same feel from the sketch to finish but this one felt pretty good. Now lets see what i can do about printing


I have always loved Chuck Jones style. It randomly comes out is some of my favorite sketches. Trucks + Bull Dog = OK! 

Sloths are cool

Did this cool guy on my I pad using the procreate app. 

B/W Animals

These days my favorite sketches come out while i am on a long flight. This was a fun little series i did on a flight from Boston to Tampa. 

My Save the Date

I never had thought i would be making one of these for myself. We are going to be an Indian/American wedding in Florida. I had a plan to illustrate a whole scene with the ocean, beach and what not. I decided to tame it down and keep it simple.. and it turned out pretty great, if I say so myself. 

Puke bags

I travel way too much. Sometime if i don't have a sketch book on hand i like to draw on puke bags. 

Fly Car!

Another gouache car study


Finished up my series of Construction Trucks by adding the epic Excavator to the mix. Planning a on making a nice poster out of them. 

Shred God

One of my favorite characters i have drawn up. Lightning • Thunder • SHRED

I Made it

One of my good friend asked me to make some type for his short video he is making. Unfortunately this treatment did not make it to the final cut but i still really like it.  


I was born in India and spent a good amount of time in the back seat of this ride. The Ambassador is an Indian classic and this my my homage to it.  

Car stamps Round 1: LADA 1200

Starting a new series of my favorite cars from around the world. These cars fit really nice in a stamp format and almost makes them look like national heros. for my first one I decided to do up the classic Russian bad boy the Lada 1200


Found an old toaster i painted up with good ol gouache


Just got me a Cintiq and had to mess around with some type. I think spelling Cowabunga with a K makes it looks way better

TAIT YoYo Sketches

My friend Matt Tait always kills it. He came out with a great yoyo and I brainstormed out a bunch of logo ideas for it. The end product turned out great accented with some brilliant packaging. Pic one one here